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They're putting in a new elephant door on the warehouse today. It's going to be soooo noisy! I think this will be a good day to climb up to the loft and file. Need to go up and turn on the space heater for a bit first though, because it's going to be like the arctic up there!

I found a bunch of things to make Xmas/winter icons from yesterday. Will have to work on a set of new seasonal icons this week.

You know, I have no expectations for the new Star Trek movie, either good or bad. I've really tried to just reserve judgment. But if these spoilers that killabeez posted pan out, I might just be a happy camper! It certainly pushes several of my ST fannish buttons. I mean, really!

We be going to Fresno! The PWFC Central CA Christmas party is this weekend. Made a motel reservation last night, and we have the rental car reserved as well. Should be much fun. It was last year, and we had never even met any of our new region mates. Now we know them, it should be even better.
Tags: no idea, pwfc, star trek, travel

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