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Strike Second Chance For Bubble Shows?

TV Shows See Strike as a Second Chance

In the television business the grim reality of the writers’ strike has set in, with the prospect of a long shutdown of scripted shows growing stronger by the day.

But in what seems to be growing consensus among executives at the television networks, the strike could contain a faint glimmer of good news for one group of shows: struggling, barely surviving prime-time series.


The executives pointed to specific shows that might have been facing cancellation or at least trips to the hiatus shelf in previous television seasons. Now, thanks to the strike, these shows will surely get to run their full complement of episodes — and perhaps win a shot at coming back next year.

In this group are first-season series like “Journeyman” and “Life” on NBC, “K-ville” and “Back to You” on Fox, “Big Shots” and “Carpoolers” on ABC and “Cane” on CBS.

Some holdover shows may also be affected for the better. Those possibilities include “Friday Night Lights” on NBC, “Men in Trees” on ABC, “’Til Death” on Fox and “Shark” on CBS.

In other seasons some shows like these, which have teetered on the ratings fence, might have been temporarily shelved or yanked off the air. Now, as Mr. Beckman noted, “they’re just going to be allowed to play out.” And as another senior network program executive put it, “We’re going to get a little extra look at some of these shows, and maybe they’ll help themselves.”

A show like “Friday Night Lights,” for instance, with its high critical praise and low ratings, could get a chance to break through in January, when it is likely to be among the few fall series with some new episodes left; the show started production early and managed to complete 15 episodes before the strike.

The entire article here.

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