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Confessing Childhood Traumas

After commenting on Pat's post here about how I don't handle reading gruesome torture scenes well, let alone write them, I had my own flashback [g] Can't believe I'd forgotten! When I was in 5th grade, the teacher read the class a story. It was about the Plains Indians and the Sun Dance ritual of driving something through the shoulder and hoisting them up in the blazing sun for hours. Obviously, the story was way more detailed than that. Very descriptive, and along with my overly vivid imagination, not a good mix. I fainted.

The other violent scene that stands out from my childhood is when I was seven and read Jane Eyre for the first time. The part where her cousin makes her stand and throws a book at her, splitting her head open. That still bothers me to this day, and whenever it appears in TV form, I can never watch that part. Makes me all cringy.


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