Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Sleepy Monday

I'm at work, but lots of other people aren't, so it's quiet. I didn't feel so great over the weekend and didn't get much sleep, so I'm sleepy. Trying to wake myself up. Lots and lots of LJ posts to catch up from the weekend too.

We had a nice time with Jen. I made brunch Sunday morning, and we watched some Highlander eps: Indiscretions and Two of Hearts, then took her to the wine and olive oil place in Carmel Valley we like so much. I got another bottle of the French olive oil I got last time, and we did wine tasting. I bought two dessert wines for my family when we visit in January, and a bottle of sparkling Muscato for Nin and I for New Year's. Then Jen took us out to dinner at Lugano and we had yummy fondues.

Must stop yawning! Seriously.
Tags: now about me

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