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tequilajen is going to be here in a few hours for the weekend, so I won't be around much. I need to put away the towels we washed last night and clean the bathroom, then get a start on dinner. I'm trying a new recipe, it's carnitas cooked down with orange juice and brandy, then recooked with some of the fat. You then serve it with some different salsas, warm tortillas, etc. And fudge cake for dessert. It's easy, and my great-grandmother's recipe. I don't think I've ever made it for Jen before.

I think, other than eating, we'll do a Slings and Arrows marathon. Though we may also watch last night's SGA if Jen hasn't seen it yet. We didn't get to it last night. and she wants to mess with my Kitchenaide stand mixer before she buys one for herself, so I'm thinking of trying to make that artisan bread I got the baking dish for. The chocolate cherry pecan one. So we'll be kept busy! Tomorrow, we're going to The Barnyard and going back to the wine and olive oil place we went to just before Philly.

Oh, and totally unrelated to company -- I just finished reading the last two Julia Spencer Fleming novels, To Darkness and to Death, and All Mortal Flesh. WOW! I'm not a huge fan of mysteries, but there are a few series I read in the genre, and I think this series has to be my favourite. The characters are so well drawn, and the angst! Oh, the angst is beautiful [g] These books make me cry. I love Clare and Russ. They seem so real to me when I read. So, yes, I'm reccing this series! Highly!

And even more unrelated, we watched SPN last night, and really enjoyed it.
I'm really liking the character of Bela. And Dean in a tux? Yum! Though I feel compelled now to make an icon of him in that suit that says 'Don't Objectify Me' [g]

Overall, I'm really enjoying this season.

Gotta go now! Stuff to do. Tea to drink, toilets to clean. I wish I had rats to scrub my toilet... [sigh]
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