Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Ugly Betty, Grey's for 11.08.07

Before I get to that, I threw together a WGA support icon last night. I was trying to think up some sort of an original catch phrase, and this was the result -- It Starts With a Story [shrug] Better than nothing. Anyway, if anyone is still in need of an icon, this one is snagable, for what that's worth.

I thought both UB and GA were really good last night. Nice mix of tears and laughter for both of them.

And can I say how pleased I am that they're actually doing with George and Izzie is exactly what I'd hoped for, but had no hope that they'd go there? Drunken sex is no basis for an actual relationship. [cough]Derek, Meredith [cough] George trashed his marriage for a fantasy. So I'm a happy camper with what happened last night.

Alex and Lexie. And Lexie's father [sigh] Sometimes I love Alex :)

I'll rewatch both with Nin tonight probably. She worked last night.

Didn't get to SPN, but will try and watch it tonight.
Tags: grey's anatomy, guild strike, icons, ugly betty

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