Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

'For I Have Sinned'

Welcome to Forever Knight Episode discussion. We're starting at the beginning, and depending how it goes, we'll do one to two eps a week. You can last week's post for Dark Knight here. Next up will be Last Act -- look for it next Tuesday.

For I Have Sinned, Air Date: May. 1992

Another serial killer, this time preying on young women who all attend the same church. In order to catch him, Nick must try to overcome his fear and loathing of the Church and its symbols. Meanwhile, flashbacks to 15th Century France show Nick's encounter with a young peasant girl doomed to become a martyr when her claims that God spoke to her result in the Church branding her as a heretic and condemning her to burn at the stake. Nick offers her his version of immortality, but she refuses in favor of her own belief in life after death. ~ recap and quotes via

(holding a cross)
Nick: Perhaps I'm a little bit closer.
Natalie: To God, or mortality?
Nick: Maybe both.

Nick: There's an old Italian saying, Schanke: 'When a man sends his wife flowers for no reason... there's usually a reason'. ___________________

Nick: Word to the wise: immortality's no excuse not to floss

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