Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Cleaning Sucks

I moved all the movable furniture, chairs, runners, bits and pieces out of the living room yesterday so Nin could shampoo when she got home. And packed away all the Halloween stuff in boxes she brought home. All together from moving to finishing the carpets, it took about five hours. Now I get to put everything back today. In between, I made some homemade nacho chips since I didn't have anything to do while she was shampooing. They came out pretty darn well. I also complete my goal of from scratch chicken and dumplings and they finished product received the NinjaBabyBird seal of approval. Today, I need to put stuff back, freeze the left over stock, make enfrijolada sauce for tonight's dinner, yogurt for the week, finish cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom (did get the tub bleached yesterday), change bed linens and put away the piles of stuff in my room.

By back is tweaked and my asthma is crazy! My lungs don't like cleaning, obviously [g] But at least the apartment is ready for the holidays, and our house guests over the next two weekends. Company is very motivating to getting in gear and cleaning! Think I'll have time to get some writing in today? Me either!
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