Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Why Am I Up?

Oh, yeah, my bones hurt too much to stay in bed. I hate being up before 9am on a Saturday! And damn, I'm having some bizarre dreams lately.

I really thought they were going to kill off Rodney's girlfriend. Glad they didn't. And than goodness for Sam being out of that unflattering top and hairstyle! She looked great last night.

MiT was another good one. Since we're still technically in S1, I'm assuming Jack goes away for nine months, and when he comes back, it's S2? Unless he isn't gone for the entire time. Guess we'll see.

Moonlight was great, I thought. Though it was a something of a retread of the Forever Knight episode 'If Looks Could Kill'. The episode that actually brought the addiction to vampire blood idea into my Bloodties series way back when. They certainly went for the beefcake shots in this episode! Not that I'm complaining. It reminded me of all the shirtless Magnum scenes in Magnum P.I.. I wonder what other secrets Josef has? He's proving to be an interesting character. Beth was insane for trying that drug! But we all knew she would, right?

And next week.... she's back! I knew wifey was going to make a reappearance, right from the first time we saw her 'die'. This should be fun. As long as she doesn't say, "I'm far too old and powerful for that" [g]

Will catch up with FNL tonight.
Tags: atlantis, men in trees, moonlight

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