Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Few More Strike Related Thoughts

As I was walking home, I was thinking about the '88 strike. Ugh! But what we have now, that we didn't have in '88 was hundreds of boutique channels. We didn't have a channel like BBC America. Now, should the strike be a prolonged one, they might be one of the few sources of new scripted TV there is. SciFi will probably have new stuff as well, at least in the B movie department. Which led me to wondering: will we see the big networks buying rights to air shows from the UK or Canada? And what about US shows that are made in Canada? I wonder what the small print on different contracts is as far as those productions being able to hire Canadian writers? And last, but not least, if this is a long strike, and goes as long as the '88 one, we could conceivably see the writers come back only to have the actors walk out in June. Dang!

An Hour Later: According to Deadline Hollywood, a Federal mediator has intervened.
Tags: guild strike

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