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24 & the Writers Strike

This is an excerpt from a much longer article about the looming WGA strike. There's some talk 24 might not start in January if the strike is still going on. David Fury, who is interviewed in the article, was one of the 24 producers I had a chance to meet a few weeks back at LCA, and the changing market and the strike were subjects that were discussed.

"Will “24” return in January, as Fox had previously announced? Fox, like the rest of broadcast networks, refused to say what its plans are. “We’re hoping that all parties can come to an agreement and a strike can be averted,” a spokesman said. “However, in the event one does occur, we’re prepared.”

David Fury, an executive producer of “24,” said that if the writers work past their contract date, as some think might happen if progress is made in negotiations, Jack Bauer may indeed return in January. “As of right now, I think Fox will premiere ‘24’ as scheduled,” Fury said, but he noted that “it really depends on if and when the writers are called to walk out. If the strike does hit on Nov. 1, it certainly makes sense for Fox to delay the start, even if the lack of new programming hurts their bottom line.”

Full article here.
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