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I won something! I decided to give a shot at bidding on something during the PWFC Spring Auction, and I won my item! I never win stuff at these sorts of auctions ever, so I'm pleased :) What did I get? A 2006 PWFC calender, autographed by the man himself! I decided to bid on something practical so as to better mentally justify spending the money. Heh. And, it's a nice bookend to the very first ever PWFC calendar, way back when. That one I bought at Anglicon X in 1997, and Peter autographed it for me. I was just going to have him sign the cover, but he wanted to know when my birthday was, so he opened it to July, signed the photo for that month, and on the date of my BD, wrote "Happy Birthday". He was very sweet -- now you know why I'm a long term fan. I've met lots of actors over the years, but few are as charming and just plain nice as he is. That calendar still hangs on my bulletin board at work all these years later. My coworker's daughter (she's 17) came in a few weeks back, saw the calender, and wanted to know who the cute guy was. I explained and now she realizes she shouldn't have mocked her older sister's taste in TV shows. Older sis is a fan of SF/Fantasy and an HL fan, which her sisters think is strange. I tape Stargate, Atlantis, and BSG for her and send them as care packages to Harvard so she doesn't go into withdrawal!

And in other nifty news, via the PWFC, Peter is going to be a movie called 'The Sin Eater'. It seems like a major role in it, so we can look forward to more than one brief scene in two hours!


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