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A compendium of fic I've posted here on my journal since March 2006. The entirety of my fiction can be found on my archive, Tales From the Darkwood. But I do tend to be behind updating there by a few months, so the newest fic can always be found here.

  • ::Shattered::
  • ::First Sunrise::
  • ::A View From the Storm::
  • ::Broken Window::
  • ::Irreconcilable Differences::
  • ::Seriously::
  • ::Road to Marseille::
  • ::No Half Measures::
  • ::The Tragedy That We Knew As The End::
  • ::Bajoran Holiday::
  • ::Now We Are Met Again::
  • ::Let Not Your Heart Be Tribbled::
  • ::Regret Eternal I/II::
  • ::Should the Dawn Return::
  • ::Sex on the Beach::
  • ::Monsters::
  • ::Cock-Eyed Optimist::
  • ::Takasago's Pines::
  • ::My Soul Is Dark::
  • ::Not a Chance::
  • ::Lavender at Midnight::
  • ::A Ghost of Winter's Past::
  • ::Fathers Christmas::
  • ::Prove It::
  • ::The Silent Stars Go By::
  • ::The Spaniard::
  • ::Candle In the Window::
  • ::Refuge I & II::
  • ::Family Business::
  • ::Wrapped Around Her Finger::
  • ::By My Side, You'll Never Be::
  • ::Don't You Dare Laugh!::
  • ::The Final Word You Ever Uttered To Me Was Love::
  • ::The Memory Of This::
  • ::Oaths::
  • ::I Remember You Not Fondly::
  • ::The Edge of the Nest::
  • ::Amongst the Stars::
  • ::You Wore Green::
  • ::Make That Two Bottles::
  • ::To the Victor Go the Spoils::
  • ::One Day::
  • ::Silver Service::
  • ::Ancient Whispers::
  • ::Not Without Loss::
  • ::Simple Pleasures::
  • ::Bored Now::
  • ::Ode to a Cane::
  • ::Santa Elena Welcomes You::
  • ::Dreaming of True Love's Kiss::
  • ::I'll Be Home For Christmas::
  • ::So Close::
  • ::Live To Tell::
  • ::He's a Pirate::
  • ::Gone Fishing::
  • ::Of Ninjas & High Heels::
  • ::I Am Going To The West::
  • ::Addiction::
  • ::Practical Applications::
  • ::Real Friends Buy You In-N-Out::
  • ::Tequila Lullaby::
  • ::Art Appreciation::
  • ::Black Isn't My Colour::
  • ::The Currency of Trust::
  • ::My Guardian Dear::
  • ::Four Words::
  • ::At The Edge Of Heaven:
  • ::Charitable Impulses::
  • ::Family Matters::
  • ::A Quarter for Your Shoe::
  • ::When We're From Sorrow Free::
  • ::We'll Sing On::
  • ::No Place For A Lady::
  • ::Untitled Post 'Serpents' Snippet::
  • ::Too Young For Heaven::
  • ::Books and Covers::

  • Tags: annabeth avery, fic, fic: highlander, fic: iron man, fic: magnificent seven, forever knight, grey's anatomy, highlander, holby city, house m.d., pirates of the caribbean, queen of swords, series: 'bloodties', series: 'echoes the sea', series: 'the emily stories', series: 'to follow the west wind', star trek

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