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LCA Sunday

I know, two weeks later. But better late than never!

Nigel was only there on Saturday, and flew home Saturday night. It was a long way for him to come for just the day, so I hope he got some sleep on the flight home. He looked very tired on Saturday and he seemed very thin. Yeah, like I should talk, but I'm a mother hen :) So, with Nigel gone, Sunday, the MC duties went to Jon Cassar. And Sunday was 24 day. I was actually early for once, and then it turned out the day didn't start till 10am, not 9! Go us! So Nin and I decided to check out then, store our bags, and not have to worry about it at lunch.

The first panel was Nicole Burke (assistant director), Joseph Hodges (production designer), Sterling Rush (props manager), Julian Sands (actor), Jesse Borrego (actor), and of course, Jon. I think I remembered everyone! It was a great panel and it covered a lot different topics. Sterling was very cute! At one point, he took his shirt off, though how that happened, I'm still not sure. The panel after lunch had Paul Blackthorne (actor), David Fury (writer and exec. producer), Howard Gordon (show runner/exec. producer), Adoni Maropis (actor), Carlo Rota (actor).

I'm going to combine the two panels since some of the topics I've lost track of. The most memorable, for me, was the discussion about the broken business model of television. That was part of the after lunch panel. Jon and others on the panel, held a very frank discussion with us about ratings, DVRs, and downloading. Jon asked how many in the audience used 'alternative viewing methods' to watch TV, and I'd say 2/3s raised their hands. One attendee from Finland was quite honest about it, telling them why she downloaded. she said she needed to be current and didn't want to wait two years to see 24. She also said that she bought the DVDs as soon as they came out. It was a fascinating discussion all around. The panel participants were interested in what we had to say, and asked as many questions as we did. It really came though how much these people love what they do, and how much pride they have in their work.

Several people in the audience attempted to express how much they loved 'Dresden Files', but Paul didn't really respond at all. It was kind of odd, since you'd think he'd have some sort of reaction. Maybe he's just shy? Who knows.

Carlo brought his dog, who was adorable, and attempted to pretty much steal the show.

Adoni talked a bit about how being on 24 changed his life. He's gotten so much recognition from the role, he can't quite believe it. He's very charming and engaging.

David Fury was very entertaining, and auctioned off a whole set of that he called his life's work. And guilted the bidders into bidding more. He had his scripts from Buffy and Angel, a very cool cast t shirt form Angel, and stuff from Lost, including a Sawyer action figure.

The first of the big items went up for auction, the 24 set visit for two. It ended up going for $21,000 which astounded the gathered auctioneers and I think Jayne nearly went into shock! The woman who won got her photo taken with 24 folks.

After the break came the final panel of the day. We had all actors for this one: Leslie Hope Paul Schultze, and Jean Smart. They were all wonderful guests and auctioneers. Jean Smart is a classy and gorgeous woman! If I looked half as good as her when I'm her age, I'd be happy. Paul and Leslie talked about what it was like to be killed off on 24 and how much the show still impacts their lives. Jon talked a bit about Jean and her hacking up the kiwis scene. she was so into it, every time they did the scene, that they'd run out of kiwis. He says they bought out the entire kiwi supply for miles around. So they finally resorted to making some fake kiwi slices, one of which Jean auctioned off. He also told us that he'd written on a kiwi 'please don't kill me', but Jean just hacked it up without a pause.

The second big item was auctioned off, the walk on role. That went for $17,000. But before that, Leslie actually bid on it! She said it would get her back on the show! Too funny. I think the three of them just about had a nervous break down as the price went up and up and up.

House items went up for bid, which I dearly would have loved, but the women with the big purses were out in force, and I didn't stand a chance. So what else is new? :) Jean started taking the cookie tray set out for the guests around as an added bonus for higher bids! A cookie from the First Lady, as she called it! She is genuinely funny.

Glo won one of the wall panels from CTU as a present for her husband's birthday, and she had people autograph it through the day.

During the morning session, I sat in the back row, but this man stood behind me and chatted like he was in Starbucks for most of the morning. Gar!! so in the afternoon, I sat up a row, unfortunately, he took that as a sign he could talk louder, and he did the same damn thing! Then another man joined him, and they never shut up! I swear, I came this close to snapping and telling them to move the chatter to the back of the room. And they say women talk a lot!

We stayed way too late, but really wanted to be able to say goodbye to Jayne and Bev. That done, we got our luggage, which took forever! And we headed for home.

It was a wonderful weekend. And the hotel was excellent. Good service, clean rooms, well maintained meeting space. I'll admit, I'm a hotel snob. I'm picky as hell. I grew up in a hotel, and I've worked most of my adult life either in a hotel or a hospitality related industry, as I do now. The Woodland Hills Hilton was a first class property, and one of the nicest hotel stays I've had since, I'd have to say, the Niagara Falls Sheraton, which during another LCA!

The event itself was a testament to Jayne and Renata's love for the charity, and ten years of putting on these events. The work they put in each and every year is really amazing. I'm so glad I was able to go to this last LCA. I would have truly regretted missing it. The security, though heavy, was not oppressive. The guests all seemed to really enjoy being there and had as much fun as the attendees. And a lot of money was raised for charity.

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