Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Atlantis and SPN

I do enjoy the more humourous SPN episodes. Poor Sam, falling and clutzing all over the place. Is Bela one of the new cast? I'm not up on the spoilers.

Atlantis had many LOL moments, despite the heavier aspects of the episode. I loved the bit about the goatee. They always seem to manage an ST reference in there! And curly haired Asian guy was in a few scenes! Now he needs a name! And more lines. I'm also glad to see they're not going for Sam/Rodney. I was a little concerned on that point. As I said to Mischief earlier, Rodney/Anyone At All is not my cup of tea! Wasn't he dating the plant chick last season? I'm happiest when the show has no shippy bits. Hope it stays that way. Though, Sam/Ronon, I could go for, if I had to [g]
Tags: atlantis, supernatural

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