Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Full Night of TV

I watched two episodes of Holby, tonight's Ugly Betty, and Grey's Anatomy. Supernatural's going to have to wait till the weekend -- I'm sleepy. Thursday has too many things on at once!

I'm still finding myself with the urge to write more of my Grey's/Highlander series when a Grey's ep is over. Maybe I'll get back to those stories this year. I'd really like to. I still have these 'missing scene' flashes as I'm watching.

Oh, and I fixed my toilet yet again! Paper clips are a wonderful thing.

BTW, Holby was wonderful. I'm really trying to psych myself for next week's. I know it's going to make me cry. I'm going to miss Dan so much. Yeah, I'm a sap.

I did post a 24 bit over at the Lounge tonight, if you're interested.

Definitely bed time!
Tags: '24', fic rambles, grey's anatomy, holby city, supernatural, ugly betty

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