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LCA Saturday

The exciting Saturday segment of my report!

I had the same happen that did in Philly -- I slept for bout four hours, then snapped awake and could not get back to sleep. So I slept in and Nin went on ahead. Unfortunately that meant I missed Natsuko's auction segment. I was looking forward to seeing her again too. At Bridging the Knight 11 years ago, I won a lunch with her, and she was a real sweetheart. She auctioned off the Forever Knight prop skull, and as the price climbed, Jen told me she became afraid to hold it anymore! It ended up fetching $800, I believe. Around 10am, Nin came back to the room to move me along and she brought me a lovely mug she'd gotten me at Starbucks! It has a gorgeous autumn leaf painted inside on the bottom. We headed down, and came to find Nigel had made a surprise appearance. He'd flown in for the day and had to head back that night to deal with some play production related business. But he was able to MC for the day.

At this point, I was starving, and I don't even remember who the guests were. We decided to get an early lunch and went to a microbrew pub called B.J.'s. It's a small chain and it's really good! I had a couple pints of their Berry Burst Cider in Snakebite form. Really yummy! We actually got back to the hotel before the ballroom was reopened! Not late for once. The afternoon session started with the woman who does the Bart Simpson voice, Nancy Cartwright. I'm not a Simpsons fan, but she was very entertaining. She's also a motivational speaker, so she had a good panel. Then she started to auction, and boy, did she get into it! She's very hyper! She was auctioning off a basket of stuff from her show, and as the price started going up, she tossed in a phone call from her as Bart to anyone the winner wanted. That drove the price up to nearly $2000 in the end.

While Nancy was doing her thing, the next group of guests showed up. 'Hair Guy' from Sentinel, Garrett err.. Hair Guy!, and Ryan Scott Green from Queer As Folk USA. They said they weren't going to follow Nancy, being intimidated by her stellar auction performance! They did their panel, which full of a variety of things, and then it was auction time. Even during the panel, there were many donations being made to the smut bucket, but once they got going on the auction, it really heated up. Now Ryan is really, really cute, and he worked it! He was a model at one point in his career, so he did much catwalking up and down the aisles. Eventually, all the guys, Ryan, Garrett and Nigel, had piles of money in front of them. It was pretty hilarious at points. There were lots of jokes about 'mine is bigger than yours!' Even Nigel telling Ryan not to touch him got money. And Ryan was very creative in picking up his pile.

Believe it or not, they actually did manage to auction things off! There were a couple of people there who got virtually everything that was cool and nifty, and there was battle over several pieces of clothing when Ryan said the winner could take it off him. Unfortunately for Nin, the one thing she really wanted was in that batch, and what normally would probably have gone for less was driven way up by the smut component. As she said later, she would have paid not to have to take it off him! I know what she means! When I actually have money for something, that aspect of the bidding deters me from going for an item. Oh well. In the end, Nin wasn't able to get anything she bid on over the entire weekend. She didn't even win a raffle prize! Po' thing!

We had planned to go to Disneyland for half the day, but the one park/one day prices had gone up, and we decided it wasn't worth it. Instead, we decided to take the hotel shuttle to a nearby mall. So we left the auction about two hours early and went shopping! Now, SoCalifornians do malls up right! Wow! The valet driver said to us that the mall had a great food court, and we were like, uh, okay. Once we got there we saw what he was talking about! There was an actual sushi bar in the food court, pardon me, food terrace. There was a crepe and gelato place, and about a dozen other high end food outlets. We had a crepe, then went shopping, and finished off with Japanese food and sake at the sushi bar. After we got back to the hotel, we went out for dessert with Jen to Cheesecake Factory, which we'd never been to before. It wasn't bad, though even at nearly 10pm there was a twenty minute wait, and the place was huge!

And that was Saturday! Sunday at some point.
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