Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


We watched it today, finally. It wasn't nearly as terrible as I'd been reading before it aired. I actually like it better than Blood Ties, though it's such a total ripoff of Forever Knight.

The whole plot, including some of the dialog was pretty much straight out of the episode "Stranger Than Fiction". Throw in Joseph being Janette, and Mick's creator dying at the end by his hand. There was even flying Nick Mick face! And how many of us think his Master is actually dead? Err, yeah. she was probably 'too old and powerful' for that. Oh, and flashbacks while driving around in a convertible.

Now, this is on CBS, so I doubt it'll last longer than a few episodes, but I'll watch a few more and see how it goes. I really like the cast overall, and maybe they'll actually go for an original storyline next week!

Tags: forever knight, tv stuff
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