Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

If It's Saturday, Last Night Must Have Been Atlantis

I've watched so much TV this week, I've totally lost track of nights and shows. We managed to watch General Hospital, Atlantis, Ghost Hunters, rewatched House so Nin could see it, and we watched Bones. Oh, and a House Hunters International! Yikes!

Probably my favourite moment was the med tech telling Ronin he'd have to pull it himself! [snicker] It was awesome seeing Sam! I'm very glad she's joining the cast. Though I found it amusing when the advertised next weeks and had the cast photo thing, that it looked like her and Rodney were wearing matching leather jackets. Don't know why, but it tickled my funny bone. And I know ninjababe posted about it last night, but the technician in control room was so freakin' cute! Can he have a bigger part please? And give him a name?

Bones was good too. Hodgy with the short hair is odd though. So I guess this killer is going to play out through the season, or at least part of it. And what was with the fake sitting outside shot at the end? Geez, that looked bad!

House was just as awesome the second time through! Can't wait till Tuesday!
Tags: atlantis, house m.d., tv stuff

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