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Okay, I admit, I cried. I had dealt with Santos being dead last season, but then I read articles talking about him not being dead, but being in the first few eps. So I start watching tonight, and that last scene.... well, you know what happened. Totally sandbagged me and it made me cry. Bastards!

As for Grey's, it always sucks me in. Though let's not dwell on the incontinuity between when our guys and gals started as interns and what the experience of the new batch is. There was just so much I liked, mixed in with the annoying stuff from last season. I loved Izzie and the deer. I really like Lexie. I miss Addison so much. Derek has finally gotten a klew where Meridith is concerned. I hope they all find their feet, I really do.
Tags: grey's anatomy, ugly betty

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