Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

What's On Monday at Casa de NinIth

So Monday night's TV viewing seems to be shaping up as:

How I Met Your Mother -- my must see for Mondays. Suit up!

K-Ville -- we watched the pilot last week, and it was sort of like a grungy, 21st century Miami Vice. Has potential, so will keep watching for now.

Dancing With the Stars -- at least I'll start out the season with it. But if it's like the last two seasons, I'll lose interest about half way in.

Chuck -- saw the pilot on the flight home from Philly, so will watch tonight and see if stands up to being watched without aid of medication!

CSI: Miami -- one of ninjababe's favourites, so I watch because she watches :)

Journeyman -- have heard good things and bad things about this one. We'll check ot a few episodes and see.

Tags: tv stuff

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