Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Sunny Monday

Oddly enough, it rained this weekend. A real rainstorm here in September is so rare, I can't recall when last it happened. But today, it's sunny, and warm -- supposed to hit 71 -- and will be warm till midweek when autumn hits and the temperature drops nearly 10 degrees by the weekend.

I know I was supposed to put up part two of the story I posted on Saturday, but I just was too puttery yesterday. I did bit and pieces of stuff and watched TV. Nin's not at work tonight, so I may snag the laptop and try and get the part done.

We watched the season ender of Burn Notice -- WHOA!! Was it not excellent?

New TV this week! Just found out Ghost Hunters is back with new eps as well. Very cool. ninjababe is thrilled she's off Thursday so she can watch the premiere of Grey's and Ugly Betty with me. And boy, will it be nice to have company for TV viewing for once! We really need to try and get the laptop hooked up to the DSL though because this sharing thing is getting old.

Lunch time!

Tags: fic rambles, no idea, tv stuff

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