Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Private Practice

There was a Grey's clip show last night about Addison to promote the new show. I am so excited!! How I adore Kate Walsh! Next week, there's that, new Grey's Anatomy, and new House! And I really wish now I'd bought S3 Grey's so I could marathon it [pout] But I decided with Philly and LCA that I shouldn't spend the money, so I was good. But, damn, I want to watch it now. And I want to write more of my Grey's/Highlander fic too! So DVDs would have been helpful there too. Yes, I know, I left Triona in the clutches of Evil Mirror Universe Methos (EMU Methos! [snorfles]), I haven't forgotten. I just need to get back in that particular mood. I promise I'll try and finish that fic before I write anything new -- unless it's short [g]

Tags: fic rambles, grey's anatomy, private practice

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