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Wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes over the last few days. This is my second day back to work, and while my back is still painful, I'm functioning and moving around as per usual.

Meant to mention we saw the pilot for 'Chuck' on the flight home. Wasn't going to watch till I saw Adam Baldwin's face flash by. It was actually pretty good, so I'm adding it to my list of new fall shows to watch.

I've gotten lots of nice comments on the Pirates/Highlander fic I wrote just before going to Philly. Very surprised so many people seemed to like it!

The neighbors across the way got a gigantinormous flat screen TV and I can see it nearly as well as my one. Are we the only ones left with an old fashioned 27" TV set? Seems everyone in our complex has a flat screen. Even my computer monitor is a CRT!

We are going to get to go to LCA in two weeks! Yay! I haven't been to one since Jon Cassar started on 24, so there will be lots of new guests to see. And no doubt a ton of 24 items up for auction. Should be fun!

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