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Philly Recap

I'm so late with mine, I'm sure no one wants to read another word on the subject, but I'll write it anyway :)

I had some shaky moments with the flying part, but thanks to ninjababe got through it okay.

We got in Wed. night, and even with the being up 24 hours, I was still too wired to sleep, so we wandered around downtown Philly eventually ending up in an Irish pub around 11pm. Great place! We ended up going back there with robi_travels on Monday for lunch before we left town.

Thursday, we moved from the Embassy Suites to the Sheraton, and we were able to check into our room at 10am. So we were able to totally unpack and not have to worry about getting back to check in later. We headed for the art museum, which was about a mile from the hotel, and basically spent the entire day there. It was awesome! We heard from Roberta around 4pm and then headed to the Omni to pick her up for the Tippler Tour. The tour was AWESOME! One of the highlights of the weekend. And ninjababe had her finger sucked by a cute Irishman -- but I'll let her tell that story. It was during the tour I saw the fireflies. Imagine me bouncing up and down as I type this, and that's how excited I was! After the tour, we went to one of the tour stops for dinner, the Society Hill Tavern, and had a wonderful meal.

Friday, we went to Independence Hall and then had lunch at the City Tavern. Lovely place! And the venison was outstanding. And boy, do I love the Raspberry Shrub! Then we generally wandered before registration time. We'd brought our change of clothes to Roberta's at the Omni so cleaned up and changed and headed for the meet and greet. Peter came around to talk to the attendees and he and I talked about the vagaries of California weather. Very exciting stuff [g] After that, Roberta, Nin, and I went to Morimoto! YAY!! It was so awesome! The Tempura with Gorgonzola Cheese sauce was da bomb, and the pot de creme just about killed me -- but in a good way. Some really excellent sake too.

Saturday, we were wiped after two solid days of sightseeing, so we slept in and missed the morning activities, before heading across the street from our hotel to the Tut exhibit. It was really lovely, and I'm very glad i got a chance to see it. Later on, we ended up at the con hotel for the afternoon session, which I believe is where Peter announced the 24 gig? But some if it's a jumble. Then a group of us went out to dinner at Gigi's. Let's see if I can remember everyone... pat_t, beeej, Kate Weber, who was the UN guest, Roberta, Nin, and Marilyn. Then it was back again for the evening festivities, which included a birthday cake for Peter, and a bit of a blooper reel from Holby. There was also Roberta's magic water bottle filled with vodka [g] Once that was done, we headed out, only to run into Kate, and two other women, Beth and Tanzy (?) who we discovered were newbies, so we all went over to Society Hill for a few hours for drinks.

Sunday morning basically sucked. Every thing went wrong, and the end result was me bursting into tears in the diner at lunch. As for the con stuff, Peter did a panel, there was the auction, then it was over. There were a few hours till the dinner at the Plough, so Nin and I went to see the Liberty Bell and Christ Church. We had a great time at the dinner, really nice food and live Irish and Scottish music. We had much fun with the gals from the Central CA region, and I think we've officially adopted Roberta [g] After the dinner, Nin and I went and got Gelato and cheesecake from a place we'd found earlier in the day, then came back to Roberta's room. I ketp falling asleep so was told to go walk around and wake up, which means I ended up in the bar with a whole bunch of attendees, then Nin came to find me to make sure I hadn't collapsed in a heap somewhere. There was much booze, shortbread and other cookies, my cheescake, and Luke. They closed the bar down around us, so Roberta brought down her stash from the room. Nin made everyone mudslides and then the houseman made us move to the lobby since he had to clean the lounge. About then, Nin and I decided it was time to head back to our hotel. That was past 3am!

Monday, we got a late checkout, and I had to have engineering come up at 7am because I could smell smoke. Turned out to be some sort of ventilation problem from the kitchens. I tried to get some more sleep after that, but finally got up, packed, waited for Roberta to arrive and then went to lunch. She then drove us the the airport and so it ended. We got into San Jose at nearly midnight, and then I was till 3am, too wired again to sleep. Sat in the hot tub for a while, then finally got to sleep. Sparrow was very anxious and was very glad to see us.

We had a great time, and we loved Philadelphia! What a great city. I would definitely go back. I'll probably remember random things later, so will no doubt post as they occur :)

And no recap would be complete without ninjababe's quote list!

BTW, I'm never going to get caught up on my f'list, so if you posted something you think I need to see, drop me a link!

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