Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Did You See the Sunrise?

Yes, I'm still on my Magnum kick.

I didn't realize that "Did You See The Sunrise?" was the first two episodes of S3. For some reason, I thought it was much later. so I wasn't expecting it to show up so soon on the Sleuth reairings I've been watching. Damn! It's been many years since I've seen the episode, but it's still one of the best episodes of television ever. Two moments: when Mac turns the key in the ignition and the Ferarri explodes, and that last moment when Thomas asks Ivan if he saw the sunrise that morning. He replies, yes he did, then the camera pulls in close so all you see is one side of Magnum's face, and then the flash as his gun fires. I was totally shocked the first time I saw it on its first run, and it still holds a punch now, more than twenty years later.

On a related note, I was telling 'V' today at work that I realized Thomas Magnum is the man I always wanted to marry. He's funny, and annoying, compassionate and a bit dorky, a loyal friend, and an officer and a gentleman in the truest meaning of that. And yeah, he's easy on the eyes, but that really is secondary. 'V' said he could see that, and then offered to loan me his Magnum DVDs!

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