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The trip to Philly is a little over a week away! Crap. And I remembered I forgot to order the tickets for the Tippler Tour. Must do that today. Also need to put together we need for Sparrow for Jen's house while we're gone. We're driving the cat up to Fremont since we don't know anyone here that can look after her while we're gone.

Speaking of cats... talked to mum, and they've taken in another stray. Father found him at the market. He was skin and bones and the side of his face was black and he couldn't even meow. They took him to the vet, and she said he was clipped by a car and the inside of his face was all infected from the blow. He couldn't eat because of the damage. So she gave him antibiotics and vitamins and said he's around ten but in very good shape considering. Mum says he's starved for affection too. They're keeping him in the back bathroom for now, till he's stronger, and when they go visit, he climbs into their lap and promptly falls asleep. He's already put on weight and started meowing a few days ago.

Tags: furballs, travel
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