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13 August 2007 @ 07:15 pm
I Did Get Something Done  
ninjababe was off yesterday (yet another week of her days off being split up) so she had the 'puter most of the day. Her store manager is being transferred, so she needed something for the potluck this week, so I made a double batch of my now favourite salsa. Except this time, I used the Habanero! Wooohoo! It's warm and toasty, let me tell you. But charring the vegetables took forever, since I have but one pan and just the nearly three pounds of tomatillios took some time, never mind the rest of the veggies! But now, she has something homemade to take. Then she went and picked up sushi, gyoza, and miso and we ate, drank a bottle of sake, and watched Alton Brown's 'Feasting on Asphalt' -- he was in Mississippi this time around -- and Army Wives. Then three loads of laundry. Didn't sleep that well, so am going to try and get an early night tonight.

Robertarobi_travels on August 14th, 2007 12:17 pm (UTC)
Go you. You are always so industrious.

Me, I am a slug.