Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Time for Details!

With Philly fast approaching, I guess it's time to decide what I actually want to see and do.

Started out at the National Constitution Hall website. It appears to have all the bases covered.

So far, I'm leaning towards the Constitutional Guided Walking Tour. Seems to cover all the bases. Unfortunately, none of the evening tours fit in with the con schedule. There's also a 24 hour trolley pass available.

Our hotel actually has a pretty comprehensive Philly guide I just discovered while looking for airport to hotel info (There is a $20.00 flat rate on cabs to Center City Philadelphia.) They even have a beer guide [g] and there's a Chinatown in Philly. I didn't know what. I do know I want to have a meal at the City Tavern. Maybe an early Friday night dinner?

We arrive Thursday night, and leave Monday night, so I hope to squeeze as much as I can into the free time we have.

Tags: pwfc, travel

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