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Did I?

I think I actually finished the next part of 'Fondly'! No idea how it happened, but I think I did! And just before Nin gets home and I have to relinquish the computer [g] I'll tweak it tomorrow, and maybe will get it posted tomorrow as well. Yeah, big whoop! But it pleases me, k?

And this song that's playing in my Grey's folder on iTunes is cool! I've never heard it before. The Rosewood Thieves -- cool group name. Must be from the Addison spin-off eppie. I have found more awesome music music through Grey's, I swear!

Now I'm going to go read yet more of A Breath of Snow & Ashes and then go to bed.

See y'all tomorrow! (oh, and she told me I can eat the tootsie roll, along with the cute accompanying story!)

Tags: fic rambles, music box

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