Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

After We Finish

So, in a few weeks, after we finish up discussing the Methos episodes, I thought we could move on to the rest of the series. I started this series of discussions initially for Alison's benefit, but everyone seems to be enjoying the discussions in general, so I figure why not keep on going? Now, instead of discussing every single episode, I thought instead, I'd take a poll of sorts to see what episodes you all want to talk about. I'm not sure how best to set this up, so chime in if you have a better idea. I'm thinking of taking suggestions in the comments and putting all of those in a poll, and then going with say, the top 20? 30? Or a variation on the poll, but do it season by season? Or should we just start at the beginning and do all of them? Thoughts? Ideas?

I was also thinking this might be fun to do with Forever Knight, my other love, if there was interest.

Tags: highlander rambles
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