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'Highlander' Back on Television ... Because Theatres Didn't Want It'

Fans of Adrian Paul and the whole Highlander continuum should be happy to hear that he'll be chopping off more heads in the near future. "Highlander: The Source" is scheduled to air on SciFi on September 15th and again on September 20th.
The film features Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod (insert your "of the Clan MacLeod" here) bemoaning his life after the loss of his great love. One hopes that means Tessa, but who knows. He joins up with Methos (Peter Wingfield) and Joe Dawson (Jim Byrnes) on a quest to find the first Immortal and the Source of their Immortality. Everyone who's seen the second movie, think of this as your way of pretending it never happened. Speaking of the movies, apparently this was originally scheduled to be a big-screen release but Lionsgate pulled it from distribution. This should be interesting.

Link to article here

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