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Was It Something I Said?

We did laundry late last night, and on the way back from the dryer, Nin says she has the urge to write laundry room smut. Err, okay. So I want to know what fandom, and she says I don't want to know. (her standard 'it's slash and it's some sort of anime thing you wouldn't even understand' reply) I reply, 'oh some sort of cartoon fandom thing!'. I sit down and turn RotK back on and then seemingly out of nowhere ask, 'Is there Monsters Inc' slash out there?' She gives me a look and I say, 'What?!?! I was looking at the Monsters Inc. ornament and saw Sully and Mike and it just popped into me head!' She told me I made her brain explode and threw her out of her smut writing mood. I protest my innocence!

In an attempt to repair her broken brain, I'm posting a link to the 'laundry room smut challenge' she created in lieu of actually wrting the story she'd planned.


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