Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Flash Floods

There's really monster flash floods in SW Utah currently. My brother just called so I wouldn't worry if I heard something on the news. The road is cut off between where mum works and the house. Several homes have been destroyed, along with bridges and roads. she was going to sit tight in for the night, but then a coworker and her were going to take the long way round home since more cells are heading in later tonight. My brother just called again, and they have enough of the road open to let people out the regular way now, but they probably won't be letting anyone back in. Bro says that the house is fine, though the road was like a river for awhile, and probably will be again tonight when the next cells hit. They're going to call when mum gets home so I don't worry.

Later: Mum just called. She's home safe, but she said the devastation they saw as they drove home was just awful. They're still trying to evacuate people by helicopter in some areas nearby.

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