Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Getting There

New DVR came in, and I mostly have it set up. now I see why the girl on the phone last week told me I'd have to call to finish the install - their 'step by step' guide is crap. Several steps aren't included. But guess what? I winged it, and got it working, without having to call in! Go me! The only thing missing is my ABC station, but that might take a cycle through to show up, so will check again tomorrow.

Other than that, it's quiet and I'm thinking of reading old fic of mine to see if I can't jolt my muse into starting on the next bit of 'Fondly'.

BTW, my new salsa recipe? Rocked! If I do say so myself [g]

It was alot of fun watching Holby with ninjababe and tequilajen this weekend! Usually I watch it all by my lonesome, so the group viewing experience was cool! And tomorrow, a new ep!

So what's up with you all?

Tags: friends, now about me
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