Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Survived the Weekend

Jen got in around 4pm, so we had snacks and a late dinner. We watched a little Firefly, last week's Holby, which she hadn't seen yet, and then Bridget Jones's Diary and Love Actually. We actually stayed up till 3am watching movies! Haven't done that in ages.

Sunday we had brunch, watched more Firefly, then went to the mall for something ninjababe needed and I ended up getting a pretty bracelet on sale and then we took Jen to Chico's to buy her some new tops. Got myself one too while we are at it. Then we went to the pub on the wharf for dinner.

And our great accomplishment of the weekend? We got Jen on LJ! Nin did what I did to robi_travels, she went in and set it up for her. So Jen is now tequilajen! Wheee! Now I have to stop talking about her [g]

Well, I have to go do payroll now.

Tags: friends

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