Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

My One True Love

It occurred to me that I have no involvement in Tolkien fandom, and yet, it's my one true love. Is that odd? (Yes, probably.) When I was a teenager, I ate, drank and breathed Tolkien. Totally and utterly obsessed. I bought every related book I could find, and I even have an LP of Songs From Middle Earth. I even tried to join the The Mythopoeic Society. I say tried, because I joined at a con, paid my membership in cash, and they promptly lost all record of the transaction. After writing to them for nearly a year, with no luck, I gave up [g] But here I am, all these years later, still in love, but not involved in any sort of online fandom. Not in email, or LJ (other than scanning Middle Earth News), or anything in between. It just seems that most of what's online is fanfic related, and I've never had any interest in fic when it comes to Middle Earth. For the most part, it's become an almost entirely internalized fandom for me. Which is fine, but I kind of miss the personal interaction from the 'old days' :)

Tags: middle earth

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