Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

LCA 10

We're still hoping to go to LCA X, especially as it's probably going to be the last one. I know, I hate participating in auctions, and I want to go a celebrity auction! But it's to see friends I haven't seen in ages, even if I never bid on a single thing, it's always fun. And I was just looking at the updated guest list, and I see Paul Blackthorne of Dresden Files is going to be a guest! He would be cool to meet. Oh, and one of the guys from Sentinel... don't know if it's 'hair guy' or 'grumpy guy' though. Hey, I only ever saw one episode, and that's how I remember them! [g]

Laurie, are you going? We probably won't decide till just before the event. Will have to mind our budget in Philly to have any chance.

Tags: cons

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