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Own The Stone

As a restoration fundraiser, you can buy a walkway stone at Culloden.

I've been to Culloden twice, and it's one of the saddest places I've ever visited. I would love to be able to afford to get a stone for my family. If my Uncle Herb actually owned a computer, I'd pass this on to him.

About Culloden

Iconic … evocative … historic. These words only hint at the profound significance that the Battle of Culloden holds for Scots and their descendants. Many Scots-Americans and Scots-Canadians trace their ancestry to the battle’s aftermath. In a brief, but fateful hour-long clash on April 16, 1746, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s exhausted cadre of 5,000 Jacobite partisans was defeated by a Hanoverian governmental force numbering 9,000. This catastrophic rout shattered any prospect of restoring the exiled Stuart dynasty to the British throne. It altered forever the lives of Scottish Highlanders: their traditional way of life was destroyed. Highland villages were laid waste, livestock was confiscated and sold. Bagpipes were designated ‘weapons’ and along with all other arms had to be surrendered. The wearing of tartans or kilts and the speaking of Gaelic was forbidden. These appalling measures resulted in a major migration of Highlanders across the Atlantic in order to find new lives free of oppression.

Today, the bleak Drumossie Moor on which the battle was fought evokes a visceral response from its 250,000 annual visitors. It is a place of somber reflection. A war grave for over 1,000 fallen warriors. The NTS is a thoughtful conservator: They recognize that in order to preserve this hallowed ground for future generations and guarantee that The Battle of Culloden will never be forgotten; that its meaning is never trivialized, immediate action is necessary.

"Cuimhnich air na daoine on tàinig thu."
* Gaelic for "Remember those from whom you are descended."

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