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Just popping in on the laptop while dinner's cooking. The distillery was much fun, and the food was wonderful. And I drank so much vodka bases spirits! The view of San Francisco was amazing. I spent the first seven years of my life in Alameda, so it was kind of odd being back there so many years later. And actually being on what had been Alameda Naval Air Station.

After, we went to Jack London Square in Oakland, and we ate at a Japanese Jazz place. That had no reservations left, so we ate in the lounge. Then we came back to Jen's, watched Burn Notice and then got in the hot tub. Today was many Sharpe movies with a swimming pool break. Yes, I used much sunscreen and wore a hat. Jen's made me a sand castle birthday cake, and steaks are on the grill currently. And Nin is wandering around chattering like a magpie and trying to decide which cocktail to make next.

And I'm typing this!!

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