Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Make It STOP!

They're been cutting stone at the warehouse across from us since 8am this morning. The noise is making me CRAZY! And not just the stone cutting noise, the constant high pitched whistle the stone saw makes when it's running. That's actually worse. I can't even open the front door for air because it's just too loud. I need Methos to come massage my temples or something.

Oh, and being curious, I took a look, and realize I've written over 7000 words in a little over a week. No wonder I feel like I've been writing nonstop. I have been! I'm seriously thinking of not writing tonight, and making icons instead. Or maybe just sitting in a chair not in front of my 'puter and watching DVDs of some sort.

We'll be gone Sat/Sun, so I need to pack and such as well.

Tags: now about me
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