Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Okay, Now That's Done

So let me ask my question of the day: am I the only American who doesn't give a toss about David Beckham and his wife? Because judging by the news coverage they're getting on their arrival here, I feel like I must be.

I have an awareness of who they are, but geez! I can't understand why I need to see them plastered all over my TV. Not to mention the idea that somehow this guy is going to singlehandedly create hordes of American soccer fans just seems very far fetched. I certainly have no sudden burst of desire to suddenly start watching soccer games. But again, maybe it's just me. It very frequently is [g]

(bet you never thought you'd ever read a post about soccer on my LJ!) (chalk it up to Friday the 13th)

Later: deciding that maybe I don't get the subtle sports nuances because I'm a girl, I have polled my male coworkers. Sorry, David, but they don't care either.

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