Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

One Advantage

I've been posting 'I Remember You Not Fondly' to as well, and since they track hits by part, I've been able to see how many people are sticking with the story as I post. I was pleasantly surprised to discover mote than 60 people on are following along. Not too bad for a non D/M Highlander story, and one that's technically a crossover. I say technically, because there are no Star Trek characters in the story. But it is set in that universe, so a crossover it is. Oh, and it has an original character, and that's strike three! So considering how unpopular in general the categories my fic falls under are, I'm quite surprised that so many people are reading. On LJ, there's no real way to tell, so it's one advantage to posting on an alternate venue. Especially when there are zero comments. At least you know someone's reading if nothing else. Which is always reassuring.

This was my insecure writer post for July [g]

Tags: fic rambles

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