Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

This & That

We went to see Transformers today, though I only went because ninjababe really wanted to go. I think I ended up liking it more than she did! [g]

After the movie, we went to Whole Paycheck Foods and got some wonderful, delightful, and pleasure inducing cheeses, along with some La Brea baguettes, and had that for dinner. I stuffed myself!

Tried to catch up with 4400, and watched Army Wives. Then Nin went to play her video game, and here I am watching Enterprise and websurfing.

I need to remember I shouldn't post fic on weekends. No one sees it. But when I get something finished, I just want to get it posted! And before I forget, I should set up this week's S4 Highlander discussion post.

Very odd now I relaize the Andorian Shran is the Kevin on 4400! I kept thinking, I've seen this guy recently! Then realized it was Shran!

So quickly the weekend is over [sigh] And it's almost time for bed.

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