Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

'Last if the Timelords'

I know everyone is probably sick to death of seeing those words on their f'list, but I need to get out my two cents [g]

Overall, I enjoyed it, though there were parts I liked less than others. Floating glowing Tinker Bell Doctor? Not so much. That was probably the silliest part of the episode for me. Made me think of 'flying Nick face' on Forever Knight. And Gollum Doctor in the bird cage? Okay. Then the Master was doing his song and dance routine, I was thinking of Hugh Grant in Love Actually, dancing and singing around Ten Downing Street.

But on to the stuff I liked! Martha is made of awesome! I loved her before, now she's an official 'girl crush'! when she comes back next series, it would be cool if a few years have gone by and she's an actual doctor. and maybe the cute pediatrician can tag along!

Jack! Jack was pretty cool for a guy that was in chains most of the episode. And I like how he decided to take responsibility for his dysfunctional and socially maladjusted team at Torchwood. Good for him! I wonder how different he'll be when Torchwood comes on again? And the Face of Bo thing? Errr... I'm not so sure I'm down with that, but it's so far in the future, even show wise, that I've decided not to dwell on it. Some other producer could take on the series and change it again, so...

The Master. Other than the Hugh Grant bit, he was much more Mastery for me than he was last week. He had that underlying layer of cruelty that I expect the Master to have. I thought that him smacking Lucy around was an interesting choice. We never see it, but we see the bruises on her face. Now what I'm trying to figure out is if he 'made' Lucy shoot him, and if Lucy's body is what he's using to fake regenerate and then the rest of him in the ring like the watch before that. Unless they're ignoring the fact that the Master can't regenerate anymore, which they might be since the Doctor told him to regenerate. I'm going to have to think on that a bit more. But a female Master would be kind of cool!

Cosmic reset. If everything was set back to just before the rift opened, shouldn't everyone who'd been on the ship be back there? Just asking!

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