Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Too Funny

This article on Yahoo about Peter's hair!

Peter Wingfield may be every inch the professional, dashing doctor in the BBC medical drama Holby City, but the handsome thesp has revealed that if he could change one thing about himself, it would be his barnet.

"My hair is just so hard to control. We all have moments where we look in the mirror and think 'Hey, you're looking all right,' and we have lots of moments where we think 'you CAN'T go out like that'. It's invariably because my hair isn't doing what it did yesterday when I treated it exactly the same way.

"I work very hard at separating my vanity from what's actually going on in a scene, without it being a matter of 'do I look pretty?'

"But every now and again I still fail because I'm so distracted by how bad my hair is."

Don't worry Peter - you always look good to us.


Tags: dan clifford, pw
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