Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Doctor Who: Sound of Drums

Watched it last night, but never really got back to the computer. My mum literally called as the preview for next week's was finishing. and after that, I had to make those cookies.

It wasn't the squee machine last week's was, but not a bad episode. Mrs. Master was a trip! Brings a whole new meaning to 'companion'!

Loved the flashbacks to Gallifrey! I'm always a big fan of more Gallifrey [g]

Nice to see UNIT finally get some airtime, even if only by mention. Though the idea that the UN was going to remove the British PM from power was pretty darn silly. Big ol' eye roll moment there. And then during the welcome speech, the guy who's supposed to be the President introduces himself as 'President Elect'. That was baffling.

Did I mention I loved the Gallifrey bits?!?!

Oh, yes, and the Doctor telling Martha she watched too much TV when she mentioned that the Master might be the Doctor's long lost brother. [snorfle]

And I'm sorry, Doctor, you're going to save the Master? Yeah, like that's worked out so well for you in the past! Do we remember Castrovalva? Thank you. I'll go with Jack's plan.

The phone conversation between the Doctor and the Master was probably the best part of the episode for me.

Oh, and ninjababe made DW icons last night! They're very pretty, so go take a look.

Tags: doctor who, icons

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