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'Till Death'

A day early, but what the heck? I love this episode, well, to death! So I figured it deserved an extra day of discussion.

Welcome to the eighth installment of Methos Episode Discussion. You can find the last one for 'Through a Glass, Darkly' here. All episode discussion links can be found over on the sidebar.

Till Death, Air Date: May. 1996

When Gina and Robert de Valicourt met 300 years ago, even Gina's suitors MacLeod and Fitzcaim had to admit they were destined for each other. Each century, as Robert and Gina renewed their wedding vows before their friends and fellow Immortals, their love grew stronger. But now their marriage is on the rocks. MacLeod decides it's up to him to reunite the once happy couple, and he enlists a very unwilling accomplice in his cunning plan. ~ via

Next up will be Judgement Day. Look for it on Monday.

Quotes below the curtain

Methos: The apartment I'm renting is being sold. I hate moving.
Duncan: Then move into a hotel.
Methos: I wouldn't live in any hotel Adam Pierson could afford.

Gina: It's over - the son of a bitch (Methos) is dead.
Duncan: No, no! It was all a joke it...
(Methos pops up on the barge)
Duncan: Not funny!
Methos: Oh I don't know, pretty funny from here.
Duncan: Oh yeah? Maybe I should take your head.

MacLeod: With friends like you, who needs enemies?
Methos: I was just thinking the same thing!

Methos: I knew it. I knew it! Getting between a married couple. It's a rule I haven't broken for 2000 years!

Gina: Maybe we aren't meant to spend three centuries together. I mean...who mates for life? Swans? Geese? Lobster?

Robert: She's leaving me, Mac. She's really leaving...she divided up the record collection.
MacLeod: The vinyl?!

Methos: You're not listening to me, I don't give a damn about their marriage.
Duncan: Well I do!
Methos: Is it really that important to you?
Duncan: Yes it's that (bops Methos on the head) important to me.
Methos: All right...I do this for you, and you give me the barge.

Gina: I gave you the best centuries of my life.

Methos: (looking at Duncan's CD collection) Opera... opera... opera... opera. A lot of opera here. Better do something about this music. There's no Springsteen, there's no Queen...

Methos: You're wasting your time. I haven't felt guilt since the eleventh century.

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