Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Moldy Oldie: 'Oaths'

This one is nearly ten years old, but probably is the story I'm most proud of all these years later. Somebody on a totally unrelated email list mentioned to me last week that she remembered this particular story, and how much she enjoyed it. It was a nice little ego boo!


The majority of it takes place in 78 AD, Transalpine Gaul to be exact, and explores reincarnation when one person is mortal, and the other a vampire. One of my rare non crossover fics! It was a finalist in the 1998 Forever Knight Fanfic Awards. It's also the only story I've written two versions of. Back in the day, it was too adult for the FK Fic email list, so I had to tone it down from the R it was to a PG13. This is the PG13 version, but I could probably be persuaded to share the adult version [g]

Rereading the notes, I realize that I'm still in contact with most of my support team/beta readers all these years later. aka_arduinna, otterevil, ninjababe, lilliew, and havocthecat. Thanks, guys!

Later the Next Day: Here's the link to the R rated version.

Tags: fic, forever knight, moldy oldie

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