Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Don't Wanna

I've been planning to update my fic archive, and took stock of what needs doing tonight. I'm farther behind than I thought. Bleah! But I don't feel like doing HTML and FTPing stuff tonight. I have no idea what I do actually feel like doing, but that isn't it. Tomorrow night! Yeah, always put off till tomorrow what you can do today!

Don't feel like writing either. Or making icons.

I'm in a funk. I need to be defunked. Smutty fic, perhaps? That's usually a good place to start. Though I think I need to start looking for smutty books, because fic just doesn't seem to be there anymore in the fandoms and characters like. So if you have any book recs in that vein, pass them on. I can add them to my Amazon Wishlist and get a few every month.

Other than that, I'm ODing on the Food Network (Bobby Flay looks really nice in a suit!) and HGTV. And I have a dozen or more eps of Enterprise on the DVR to watch.

Tags: no idea

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